Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Time REALLY wants to see Giuliani nominated

This blog isn't a Time Magazine watchdog or anything like that, but when you look at an article in one issue and then see other articles in other issues that seem to be related, its hard to leave them alone.

Its evident from Time Magazine's last few issues that they really want to see Rudy Giuliani win the Republican nominee for president. The issue that came out over a week ago with Reagan crying on the cover had a caption near an image of Giuliani that described him as "antiabortion". That's completely misleading since Giuliani may be antiabortion "personally", but not when it comes to using the power of his political office. He's a pro-abort in reality as evidenced by his actions.

In this last issue of Time is a glowing 4 page piece about Giuliani titled Why Is Rudy Smiling? The goal of this article is obvious - to encourage the alleged Christian Conservative media and leadership to consider Giuliani as the most electable and most suitable Republican nominee for president.

Of course, the "Christian talk radio" segment that thinks Giuliani is a good candidate argue for him in a different way then the secular segment does. Hewitt, Prager, McCullough and the others think Giuliani would be a good pick to run for president because he is more likely to put judges on the Supreme Court who are "originalists" or "strict constructionists". You know, the kind of judges that the pro-life, Christian voters "want" to see nominated.

Forget the fact that we currently have a big, fat goose egg when it comes to the number of pro-life judges on the Supreme Court. That's right, not one of the judges are pro-life judges. At best, they believe as Scalia does that the decision on whether to legalize killing innocent babies should be given to the states. The most we can say is that some of the judges are pro-choice state-by-state while the others are solid pro-aborts. Sam Alito even wrote 6 pro-abortion opinions during his time on the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals, yet the majority of the pro-life Christian Conservative community supported his nomination to the Supreme Court.

Scalia's (and apparently Alito's) belief that the state government can decide to legalize murder is vile because NO GOVERNMENT AT ANY LEVEL has the leeway to legalize any crime, especially a capital crime such as murder! We, the Body of Christ, need to make the political parties (i.e. the GOP) and the candidates running for office aware of this fact.

Oh man, its 4 minutes before 3 and I just heard a Giuliani for president add on Rush Limbaugh's show. Thanks a bunch Rush :(

"We ought to obey God rather than men" Acts 5:29

Three cheers for Missouri Governor Matt Blunt!

Praise is due for the actions of Missouri Governor Matt Blunt who ended state funding for Planned Parenthood and directed those funds to clinics that do not encourage the slaughter of innocent babies.

I am very happy that he took this action, but AP reporter James A. Finley who wrote a piece for Time Magazine against Blunt's action, isn't happy at all. According to Finley, Blunt is "playing politics with cancer sccreening". HA!! As if the world of government-funded health care is not subject to "politics"!

Finley wrote

For fifteen years, Planned Parenthood of Southwest Missouri clinics in Joplin and Springfield have offered free breast and cervical cancer screenings as part of the state's "Show Me Healthy Women" program. Now Governor Matt Blunt has announced that he will cut off all program funding to Planned Parenthood and redirect it to other health clinics. "Patients should not have to go to an abortion clinic to access life-saving tests," Blunt declared. Refusing to fund cancer screening at the clinics, he said, "ensures women may access important preventative care without contributing to abortion providers' goal of facilitating the destruction of innocent life."

Clearly, Matt Blunt doesn't want to take the funds from pro-life tax payers in his state and direct them to pro-abort groups such as Planned Barrenhood. That's a good thing, since most people don't want the government to pay for or encourage slaughtering babies. And much more importantly, its evil and wrong for a government to fund the killing of the innocent. The government does not have the right/option to legalize killing the innocent.

Here is what Finley wrote immediately after he wrote the above paragraph in order to justify his claim that Blunt is "playing politics with cancer screening".

Here's the twist: The clinics in question do not provide abortion services, though they will discuss the procedure and make referrals.
HA! As if that gets Planned Parenthood off the hook! Finley does not understand that encouraging moms to murder their babies and helping them to rationalize committing such an evil act is actually worse than the act of killing their innocent babies. Why? Because apart from the encouragement to kill their baby the killing is unlikely to occur. Without the Planned Parenthood rationale in their head, the baby killing process is stunted.

And that is why, folks, we must oppose Planned Parenthood and any other organization or group that promotes the baby-killing rationale. And that includes the LARGEST supporter of the abortion holocaust in America - the public school system.

Public school counselors (who are largely pro-aborts) can talk to your children and help them to get an abortion without your knowing! So, get your children out of the public school system before something like this happens.

"We ought to obey God rather than men" Acts 5:29

Monday, March 26, 2007

Pastor Adam Briggs - The Writings of God

Here's the message that my pastor, Adam Briggs, gave at Damascus Road Bible Fellowship on Sunday, March 25. Pretty intriguing stuff!

Just click on the link, sit back and enjoy :)

"We ought to obey God rather than men" Acts 5:29

Sean Penn tries to act tough - Terrorist sympathizers in Portland show their support for Al-Qaida

Sean Penn, short on ideas and solutions (as usual), tried to share some harsh and biting words with an audience of leftist terrorist sympathizers in Oakland, CA Saturday evening.

Ummmm....I think its safe to say that he failed. At least, I don't really know what to make of this insult.



If Portland, OR suffers a terrorist attack I hope the US Armed Forces evacuate the area and let the people there suffer. That's how they should be treated after doing this!

"We ought to obey God rather than men" Acts 5:29

Public Schools Try To Appeal To Christians By Teaching The Bible

Time Magazine's recent cover story explains why they believe the bible should be taught in public schools.

And now I'm going to explain why this is a horrible, misguided idea!

I will admit here at the beginning that I have not yet read the article. I don't need to. The article's content is irrelevant. I know from the title of the article alone that what is being proposed in the article is completely wrong.

Here's why.

    1. The education and raising of children is not a responsibility or function of the government

    2. The public school system is rotten at its core and unfixable

    3. The teachers in the public school system are largely NOT members of the Body of Christ and are not able to be trusted to accurately teach our children any subject, much less the subject of God's word

Reason 1 and 2 are not open for debate for those in the Body of Christ. At least, not any rational member of Christ's Body. If education and raising children were the responsibility of the government then God would have at least hinted that it were so. There is abundant evidence that reason 2 is true. If you need some convincing then check out the special 20/20 did on public schools just over a year ago they titled Stupid In America.

Reason 3 is more like 2b, so there are basicly two main reasons why its wrong to teach the bible in public schools. They shouldn't exist in the first place and the teachers unions [i.e. NEA] and bureacuracies make it rotten at its core.

Addressing 3 or 2b specificly, one of the worst things you could ever say about a public school is that it has some "Christian teachers" in it. Telling people this (specificly parents) is harmful because it gives them a false sense of security that the presence of a few Christian teachers will somehow offset the officially amoral, anti-Christ, naturalistic and humanistic public school curriculum that they are fed by largely pagan, ahteist/agnostic and humanist public school teachers.

These are the people you will have teaching the bible to the kids in public school!

Think about this for a minute - Why do you believe the leftist media such as Time Magazine are promoting teaching the bible in public schools? Do you actually think its for the good of the stuidents? Are you that naive that you think this push is being made for the benefit of the children? And do you believe that these pagan teachers will honor God's word and treat it with respect!?

No, that's not why they are promoting teaching the bible in public schools. The obvious reason why they are advocating teaching the bible in public schools is for the purpose of attracting church-going families so they will give their children to the officially Godless government school system instead of homeschooling them or sending them to a private school where they will be given a Christian education. So that these parents will have one more reason to let the public school curriculum and their child's peers influence their children's thinking for 8 hours a day, 180 days a year.

The public schools are losing children and each child lost means money lost!

They want more money for their school and for their paycheck. They don't care about whether your children are taught to live and think like Christ-less pagans. That these children graduate high school thinking like Christ-less pagans is of no concern to most of them. It should be no surprise to anyone that they think like pagans upon graduation because Jesus said that "A disciple is not above his teacher, but everyone who is perfectly trained will be like his teacher." (Luke 6:40) And Paul said "Do not be deceived: "Evil company corrupts good habits."" (1 Cor 15:33)

If you have any children in the public school system do all you can to get them out ASAP. And encourage other members of the Body of Christ to do the same for the sake of their children's souls and the health of the Body of Christ.

"We ought to obey God rather than men" Acts 5:29

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Why I Titled This Blog "The Body & The Strategy"

Wondering why I titled this blog "The Body & The Strategy"?

I'll tell you why.

Because many in the Body of Christ and even the pro-life and pro-family community are in dire need of a clear, focused strategy that lines up with God's will for the Body of Christ instead of the will of men (governments, politcal parties, lawyers and the US legal system, seeker-friendly churches, etc.).

Another motivator for the title of this blog is my friend and mentor Bob Enyart, whose DVD Focus On The Strategy, is required viewing for anyone who takes upon themselves the burden of pro-life ministry or pastoring of a congregation.

You can expect to find here commentaries and critiques of the news each day. You'll also find info on the activities of the Northern Indiana Chapter of Survivors which I am the Director of.

I look forward to the feedback from those in the Body of Christ. Feedback from those outside of the Body I have little interest in, unless they truly believe they have something valuable to share. And by valuable I mean "thoughtful" and "intelligent".