Sunday, March 25, 2007

Why I Titled This Blog "The Body & The Strategy"

Wondering why I titled this blog "The Body & The Strategy"?

I'll tell you why.

Because many in the Body of Christ and even the pro-life and pro-family community are in dire need of a clear, focused strategy that lines up with God's will for the Body of Christ instead of the will of men (governments, politcal parties, lawyers and the US legal system, seeker-friendly churches, etc.).

Another motivator for the title of this blog is my friend and mentor Bob Enyart, whose DVD Focus On The Strategy, is required viewing for anyone who takes upon themselves the burden of pro-life ministry or pastoring of a congregation.

You can expect to find here commentaries and critiques of the news each day. You'll also find info on the activities of the Northern Indiana Chapter of Survivors which I am the Director of.

I look forward to the feedback from those in the Body of Christ. Feedback from those outside of the Body I have little interest in, unless they truly believe they have something valuable to share. And by valuable I mean "thoughtful" and "intelligent".


Janie said...

But don't all of God's creatures have something valuable to share--whether or not you agree with them?
Also, your myspace link doesn't work.

Zeke said...

No, not ALL have something valuable to share. Some just leave lots of crap as comments that are completely unhelpful.