Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Time REALLY wants to see Giuliani nominated

This blog isn't a Time Magazine watchdog or anything like that, but when you look at an article in one issue and then see other articles in other issues that seem to be related, its hard to leave them alone.

Its evident from Time Magazine's last few issues that they really want to see Rudy Giuliani win the Republican nominee for president. The issue that came out over a week ago with Reagan crying on the cover had a caption near an image of Giuliani that described him as "antiabortion". That's completely misleading since Giuliani may be antiabortion "personally", but not when it comes to using the power of his political office. He's a pro-abort in reality as evidenced by his actions.

In this last issue of Time is a glowing 4 page piece about Giuliani titled Why Is Rudy Smiling? The goal of this article is obvious - to encourage the alleged Christian Conservative media and leadership to consider Giuliani as the most electable and most suitable Republican nominee for president.

Of course, the "Christian talk radio" segment that thinks Giuliani is a good candidate argue for him in a different way then the secular segment does. Hewitt, Prager, McCullough and the others think Giuliani would be a good pick to run for president because he is more likely to put judges on the Supreme Court who are "originalists" or "strict constructionists". You know, the kind of judges that the pro-life, Christian voters "want" to see nominated.

Forget the fact that we currently have a big, fat goose egg when it comes to the number of pro-life judges on the Supreme Court. That's right, not one of the judges are pro-life judges. At best, they believe as Scalia does that the decision on whether to legalize killing innocent babies should be given to the states. The most we can say is that some of the judges are pro-choice state-by-state while the others are solid pro-aborts. Sam Alito even wrote 6 pro-abortion opinions during his time on the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals, yet the majority of the pro-life Christian Conservative community supported his nomination to the Supreme Court.

Scalia's (and apparently Alito's) belief that the state government can decide to legalize murder is vile because NO GOVERNMENT AT ANY LEVEL has the leeway to legalize any crime, especially a capital crime such as murder! We, the Body of Christ, need to make the political parties (i.e. the GOP) and the candidates running for office aware of this fact.

Oh man, its 4 minutes before 3 and I just heard a Giuliani for president add on Rush Limbaugh's show. Thanks a bunch Rush :(

"We ought to obey God rather than men" Acts 5:29

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Susie said...

Have you ever considered running for President? I think you would be a wonderful candidate. Much better than that hateful cow Hillary!